101 Metalworking Projects




101 Metal-working Projects
eBook on CD
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                                               101 Metal-Working Projects is 214 pages worth of valuable training in the art and
                                               craft of metalworking.  The author, L.C. Petersen, a toolmaker, draftsman, art metal
  View sample pages           and machine shop teacher, published this in 1929.  It is organized so that a beginner,
                                               starting with the first project, can use the experience and the item for the second project
                                               and so on.  Projects are illustrated with plan drawings, list of tools,  equipment and
  View preface page             materials needed, the object of the lesson and questions for exploring the topic in more

   View table of contents      This fine, rare old book went out of print decades ago, but its information is just too valuable
                                               to collect dust on a bookshelf.  We digitally reprinted it, cleaned up the 75 years' worth of
                                               blemishes and formatted it as a PDF eBook on CD-Rom.  It can be viewed and/or printed
 List of Projects                   with all computer systems using Adobe Reader (available free from Adobe.com).  

                                              101 Metal-Working Projects
is like an apprenticeship manual for machining and tool-
making.  It contains systematic training how to use a metal lathe and basic tools, such as a hack saw, chisels and
hammers. By the time you completed all of the projects, you could basically make anything out of metal.

Whether you are young or old, if you have ever wanted to learn how to work with metal, this is a great resource.  If you
are a school metal-shop teacher, the projects are presented in a logical sequence to help you teach your subject even
better.  It is also a great resource for parents wanting to round out their child's education with practical skills in
If you are a do it yourself metalworker in a garage workshop, this will be a useful guide to
make your job easier.  Even if you just want to learn the discipline of starting and finishing a metalworking project –
with the added benefit of having something useful when you are done – you can succeed with this book.







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List of Projects (in order)

Scriber, Spring Cotter, Tweezers, Door Hook and Staples,  Box Corers, Name Plate, Pin Tray, Ink-Bottle Holder,
Card Salver, Belt Awl, Bench Knife, Candlestick, Metal Box, Flat-nose Tongs, Clip Paper Holder, Funnel,
Coping-Saw Frame,  Paper Knife, Brass Scale, Oblong Desk Tray, Round Copper Bowl, Pancake Turner, Garden Trowel,
Screw Driver, Hasp and Staples, Lamp Bracket, Art-Metal Tongs, Electric Motor, Electric Bell, Electric Soldering Iron,
 Pocket Wrench, Dividers, Inside Caliper, Hermaphrodite Caliper, Outside Caliper, Combination Caliper,
Gauge for Drill Points, Pocket Square, Parallel and Centering Ruler,  Standard Sizing Blocks, Lamp Shade,  Reading Lamp,
Extension Bracket,  Bevel, Screw Gauge, Master Snap Gauge, Hack-Saw Frame, Riveting and Brad Hammer,
Straight and Taper Turning, The 60-Degree Center, Machine and Planer Bolts, Stub Arbor,  One-Inch Mandrel, Cup
Center, Spur Center, Hand Clamp,  Automatic Drift, Bench Vise, Clamp Dog, Plumb Bob, Wiggler Indicator,  Telescope Jack,
Machinist's Clamp,  Antifriction Tail Center, Marking and Depth Gauge, Frictionless Pipe Center, Clamping Jack,
Right- and Left-hand Threads, Cup Centering Tool, Planer Jack, Surface Gauge,  Ball-Crank and Handle,  Turning  Grooved Pulley,
Plug Stud Arbor, Compensating Shaft, Coupling, Screw Mandrel,  Auto-Rim Push-Pull Jack, Hammer Heads,  Centering Hand Chuck,
Tap Socket Wrench, Lathe-Tool Setting Gauge, Machinist's Hammer with Metal Handle,  
Hand Vises, Eccentric Turning
Tool Post,  Gang Arbor,  Crank Turning, Tailstock Clamp Screw,  Drill Chuck, Large Tap Wrench,  Back Counter bore,  Planer Stops,
Universal Joint, Expansion Arbor,  Three-Step Cone Pulley, Heavy Screw Jack,  Toolmaker’s Vise,  Sine Bar, V-Blocks,
Bench and Drill Press Vise,  Rapid-Action Bench Vise, Punch Press 


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