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                          Spinning a Pewter Porringer


This is a digital reprint on CD-ROM from an article titled
Spinning a Pewter Porringer
, published in the Jan-Feb, 1933,
Popular Homecraft
.  Shop notes have been added by James R. Walker,
listing on-line sources for materials & supplies and offering a few
modifications to make this 70 year old article current with today’s tools
and safety standards.

Ideal for metalsmiths, shop teachers, hobbyists, anyone who likes to work
metal.  It has plans, illustrations, pictures and instructions for spinning,
casting the handle, soldering and finishing.  Make your own heirloom!


Spinning metal has been considered by many to be out of range for the average home shop.  However, this project has been designed to fit the capabilities of anyone with a basic wood or metal lathe having a 3+” swing.  It can be the springboard for many other similar creations.

Pewter is a beautiful metal with a rich history.  It is one of the few metal
alloys that will not taint food (by law this alloy -- a combination of tin
and a small amount of copper -- does not contain lead).

Spinning a Pewter Porringer is in PDF format.  This makes the article viewable on any computer with CD-ROM.  It is printable and has many other features special to PDF documents.  You will need the Adobe Reader program installed on your computer, but you can download it free from many places on the internet


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